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    2. 貝斯特鉬制品

      Best Molybdenum Products


      Best Molybdenum Products

      Ammonium heptamolybdate

      Molecular formula (NH4)6MO7O24.4H2O
      Properties white or light green crystalline powder
      Mo ≥54.0%    
      Si ≤0.0006% AI ≤0.0006%
      Fe ≤0.0006% Cu ≤0.0003%
      Mg ≤0.0006% Ni ≤0.0003%
      Mn ≤0.0003% P ≤0.0005%
      K ≤0.01% Na ≤0.001%
      Ca ≤0.0008% Pb ≤0.0006%
      Sn ≤0.0005%             
      Uses Reagent of P analysis, the material of acrylonitrile catalyst, also applied in the analysis of element fertilizer or used in the making of metal molybdenum
      Packing Net 25kg,cardboard drum , plastic lined woven bag or 50kg in plastic bag lined metal pail.
      Sign Product name, gross weight , net weight , assay , Lot , factory.

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      Best Molybdenum Products

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