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    2. 貝斯特鉬制品

      Best Molybdenum Products


      Best Molybdenum Products

      Ammonium paramolybdate

      Molecular formula (NH4)6MO7O24.4H2O
      Properties wihte or light green crystalline powder
      Specification molybdenum assay ≥54%
      Attribute AR CP
      Water insoluble matter 0.01 0.03
      Chloride 0.001 0.003
      Sulfate 0.02 0.05
      As, P, silicic acid as SiO3 0.001 0.003
      Heavy metals as Pb 0.001 0.003
      Uses Reagent of P analysis, the material of acrylonitrile catalyst, also applied in the analysis of element fertilizer or used in the making of metal molybdenum
      Packing Net 25kg,double-layer woven bag , plastic bag lined composite kraft paper bag or 50kg in plastic bag lined metal pail.

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      Best Molybdenum Products

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